Neighbourhood centre designed to make careful use of water

dgma6e47 | 30 March, 2019 10:07

We refer to Ms Agnes Sng Hwee Lee's letter. 카지노사이트

As a master planner and developer of public housing estates, the Housing Board seeks to create a high quality living environment that is green, liveable and sustainable. New developments are planned with greenery and sustainable features through creative designs and engineering innovations.

In the case of the Oasis Terraces neighbourhood centre mentioned by Ms Sng, the Water Play Park was suggested by Punggol residents during a series of focus group discussions held in the early stages of planning for the development.

It was envisioned to be a fun feature where children could play and bond with family and friends.

The Water Play Park, as well as all other water features in Oasis Terraces, has been designed to make careful use of water. Treated and recycled water is used for the wet play areas, and the water is recirculated back to the system. 바카라 

In addition, the wet play areas operate only during certain peak periods, when they are more likely to be frequented by children. Other than installing water recirculation systems in accordance with PUB's code of practice for water services, various water conservation measures are also in place to prevent unwanted leakages and wastage.

This includes regular monitoring and proper maintenance of the water service installations within the premise.

As pointed out by Ms Sng, Oasis Terraces has several water-saving features, such as a rain garden and water wheel, that collect and treat rainwater which is then used to irrigate plants in the neighbourhood centre. 바카라사이트

In recognition of its environmentally-friendly and sustainability-driven features, Oasis Terraces was conferred the BCA Green Mark Platinum award in 2017. 


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