Mix up islandwide balance of homes and offices

dgma6e47 | 30 March, 2019 10:23

In Germany, clean light industries are distributed among towns and villages. It would be good to have offices in new towns here too and not just concentrated in the Central Business District. 바카라사이트

They could be clustered around, heartland MRT stations like Yio Chu Kang and Bishan, for example. This supports the local workforce and reduces travelling time.

There is a need to really mix up the islandwide balance of residential and commercial units.

With the strong Internet and networking capabilities of today, and the fact that e-mail is now considered formal correspondence, work locations can change too. 카지노사이트

The Urban Redevelopment Authority is taking steps to add homes to the city, which is a start. But condominium units bought by foreigners may be left empty for much of the time.

To really make the city area vibrant requires local families to move in. How about a new HDB town with shopping and a primary school at Marina Bay? 


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