Love demands that we give second chances

dgma6e47 | 09 April, 2019 10:31

Dr William Wan was willing to be vulnerable when he openly wrote that personal testimony about how he and his daughter recovered from her drug addiction (Hope and life beyond drug addiction, April 1). 바카라사이트

In a shame-based culture, most people would rather hide than come out to admit failure in life's journey.

It is hard to forgive when people are bound by self-righteous guilt and shame, and acceptance in society is conditional.

Dr Wan reminds us that genuine love never gives up, no matter how painful.

Unfortunately, most people tend to confuse love with permissiveness. It is tough love that enables us to love someone who is seemingly unlovable and unlikeable because of his choices in life. 카지노사이트

As much as an addict must yield to a higher power and admit that life is out of control or find a life purpose beyond self-indulgence, people, especially parents and relatives, who truly care to see a life turn around must be willing to do the same.

Tough love demands that we give the second chances again and again without giving up hope by holding the addict accountable for the choices he makes.

Thank you, Dr Wan, for your candid testimony. 


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